Coronavirus Update at Middlewick

Coronavirus Update

As of 26th March 2020

Firstly, we wish all of our past and future guests and their families good health. The last few days have been a new and unwelcome experience for everyone. The measures being taken globally are unprecedented at all levels, family, friends, business and governmental. We all need to stick together and work through to a resolution as quickly and safely as possible.

We had stayed fully operational and welcoming of guests until instructed not to by the government on the evening of Monday 23 March. We are now closed for the three week period, or until advised we can open again. Once we are told we can open again we will do so, hopefully within 24 hours. Our properties and complex are being maintained during this period.

The consequences of closing are enormous for all businesses and their staff. We are no different here at Middlewick. In common with nearly everyone in the tourism and hospitality industry we earn a substantial proportion of our revenue during the Spring, Summer and Autumn months. Most costs are, however, not so distributed, with significant spending on repairs and renewals through the quieter Winter months. At Middlewick we also retain and pay our office, cleaning and grounds staff through the winter.

As well as managing the substantial ongoing costs while our guests are not allowed to come to Middlewick we also need to deal with all our guest bookings. Advice and guidance are very limited from tourism bodies and government and it will only be over the next few weeks that we are fully able to understand the implications of the ‘shut down’, revise guest bookings and then all hopefully all move on.

In the meantime, we ask for the patience of all our guests and groups with bookings. We will be endeavouring to contact everyone and in the first instance re booking visits for later in 2020 and as needed in to 2021. Where this is not immediately possible we will issue credit notes to guests to use against a future booking. If you have any questions please email us on

Some guests may find that they are covered by their travel insurance and we ask that everyone checks this first. If copies of booking and invoices are needed please let us know. The announcement by the Prime Minister on the evening of March 23 will have been enough to trigger insurance clauses in some cases. If you are a business with a booking at Middlewick we ask that you check your business interruption insurance. In all cases we will work with to find a solution. Everyone’s holiday or event is safe and will get accommodated.

We already have some members of staff away from the business self isolating. This is for a combination of reasons; age, underlying illness, elderly or sick dependants. This means our resources are stretched more than normal. This will impact how quickly we are able to get in touch with individuals with bookings. Please bear with us.

Those of us as Middlewick who are not impacted as above, along with several volunteers have over the last 10 days ramped up our farm shop. With strict hygiene controls, social distancing measures, and an enormous amount of daily food deliveries our farm shop nearly always has a very well-spaced outdoor queue stretching into our car park. Serving one customer at a time we are offering a very wide range of produce. This has turned into a 12 hour a day job for 4-6 people. We also offer a phone order service and have additional volunteers delivering orders to those unable to, or advised not to leave home. We thank everyone for their help with this.

For now there is no more to say other than to wish everyone and their families good health. Over the coming weeks we will be in touch.

Best Regards

Jill, Jonathan and all the staff at Middlewick.

If you have any questions please email us on

Please do not call our office number as booking queries are being dealt with away from this office to ensure the safety of our staff. Our landline is being used by the Farm Shop for food orders

Rest assured we are ready to welcome you despite all the current uncertainty.

General Information:

  • Here at Middlewick, the health and safety of our guests and staff is our number one priority.
  • We recognise that the situation is potentially unsettling and we would like to reassure you that we are closely monitoring the developing situation and following Government guidance to ensure that you can enjoy your holiday with us – hopefully soon.
  • Middlewick will reopen to guests immediately upon government notice
  • However, ‘non-essential’ travel has been advised and therefore YOU must take responsibility for yourselves and others, and importantly, you must observe all government advice (keeping your distance, washing hands, age and health, etc).
  • All of our cottages are self-contained, and we are following a very strict cleaning regime in between each guest staying with us.
  • Our cottages and glamping units are all separate buildings so there is no close contact to any other guests.
  • If you develop symptoms while staying with us in the future, please call the office but refrain from coming to the office.  Please call the office on 01458 832351, to notify us, so that we are able to carry out the necessary procedures.  There is no need to report to NHS 111 unless your situation is becoming critical.  Do not go to a doctor, hospital or chemist, unless you are dangerously ill and advised to do so by NHS 111.

Reducing the risk of virus transmission:

  • Additional Cleaning & Hygiene Measures.  We have supplemented our usual cleaning products with a commercial grade cleaning product. We are undertaking additional daily cleaning ‘high touch point areas’ – door handles, tap heads, card machines, and so on.
  • Reducing cash handling. Cash is known to have passed through many hands and therefore, we are asking guests to pay by card wherever possible.
  • Our Staff.Our staff are critical to our business and as well as preparing our accommodation for guests arrivals, many others have been working hard over the winter months on repairs, renewals, renovations and building projects around Middlewick. We will ensure that they do not come into work if sick in any way.
  • We would advise you to check the following websites for the most up-to-date information:
  • uk
  • NHS
  • HSE


If you have any questions please email us on

Please do not call our office number as booking queries are being dealt with away from this office to ensure the safety of our staff. Our landline is being used by the Farm Shop for food orders

Rest assured we are ready to welcome you despite all the current uncertainty.