We are a little powerstation with Bio Mass heating and PV electricity

If you are looking for a Eco Friendly holiday destination with Eco solutions at heart then Middlewick might just be the place for you!

In August 2014 we installed our new Bio Mass Heating system and in October 2015 we added 120 photovoltaic panels (PV) to give us up to 30kw/h of electricity

We now have central heating and no more night storage heaters! The heating system heats nine cottages (Appletree, Blenheim, Bramley, Cider House, Russet, Orchard View, Pippin, Springfield, Tor View) and our indoor swimming pool.

We have installed two Windhager 60kw boilers along with a 2000 litre buffer tank. The boilers are fuelled by 6mm wood pellets fed automatically from an adjacent 14 tonne store. Our pellets are delivered just like cattle feed and blown from the lorry into our store. The wood pellet comes from our supplier Forest Fuels and predominantly from the South of England. Even including production and delivery the solution is virtually carbon neutral. We sourced our solution from Mole Energy and Glevum Heating.

Our PV panels cover the roof of our adjacent barn and mean that much of our daytime electricity requirement is produced on site. At present we have no way to store excess production and this gets exported back to the grid, but as the technology develops we hope to be able to add battery storage. This will allow us to provide night time light and run the TV’s and kettles! We sourced our solution from Mole Energy and My Power

The solutions have not only made our cottages warmer and cosier in the winter but have, just as importantly, significantly reduced the environmental impact of our business. Middlewick sits on a special site and has been someone’s home for around 400 years. Hopefully our additions will safeguard the future.

Since purchasing the property in 2011 we have continued to find ways to make Middlewick an Eco Holiday resort. Along with a number of other environmental initiatives and practices such as a Kitchen Garden, Rainwater Harvesting and recycling we are pleased to be a Gold Trip Adviser Green Leader accommodation provider.

Windhagers Bio Mass boilers heat 9 of our cottages and swimming pool at Middlewick

Electricity from PV panels at Middlewick Holiday Cottages