Pizza Nights at Middlewick, Glastonbury

Pizza Night with us here in Glastonbury is a great night.

When we bought Middlewick back in 2011 it came complete with the most stunning outdoor wood burning pizza oven.

outdoor woodburning pizza oven

outdoor woodburning pizza oven

I had never seen a wood burning pizza oven before so it was really exciting to figure out how to use it.  The best way to learn was to introduce a pizza night once a week for guests and friends.   I made all the pizza dough and told everyone to bring their own toppings along to share.

pizza doughballs

pizza doughballs

Our weekly pizza nights became a great social event, all our guests got to know each other and also meet the neighbours.

Over the next years our Pizza Nights became more and more popular. They soon became part of our corporate hospitality and wedding packages.  We could cater to large groups of people and having to make your own pizzas was a great way to get people talking to each other.  We even have an all night pizza party for our Glastonbury Festival guests.

As word of our fun pizza nights spread through to residents of Glastonbury and the surrounding towns, we decided we had to change our format to include them as well.  With this increase of guests I had to bring in our resident chef Keren to help make the dough balls and to prepare all the toppings for the pizzas.

By providing the ingredients I can use produce from here on the farm,  like ham from our pigs and fresh vegetables from our gardens.

Keren and her daughters also run a full bar and  sell a range of delicious home made desserts to round up the evening.

The fun part of the pizza night is of course rolling out the dough and choosing your own toppings.

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Our pizza night dates are posted on our website  page What’s On at Middlewick . We charge £10 for All you Can Make and Eat Pizzas (£5 for Under 12s)